December 9, 2010

Wikileaks for Wiki-World-Wars?

At least for the next few months the media outlets even if they try cannot stay away from reporting Wikileaks releases. Surely, these cables are not less of excitement for the journalists, and certainly they will be making a very big difference around the world. Believe it or not! It would be best if the news papers carry Wikileak dedicated sessions online or on print, as a lot of juicy stuff is yet to come. The Afghan war logs released in July had concentrated mainly on daily dairies of soldiers in Afghanistan daily routine, and so did the one's from Iraq released on October this year. These were easy to dismiss and quite logically also, that accounts of foot soldiers cannot be taken seriously, as they may be influenced or inaccurate opinions, especially when it comes to naming another country or its secret service for harbouring and funding terror.

Our Pakistani politicians as usual will be setting it aside as rhetoric and opinions of US officers, and they should, because we always knew that Pakistan's politics has been US influenced and all contacts made with them are with an understanding that they are running the show with their social and financial influence. The only reason of this status, I can think of is due to the fact that our armed forced are dependant on their support. Let it be small or large political and religious parties, whom have even been in power, has had to maintain a relationship with the US, especially since Pakistan had to play war in Afghanistan during the 80's and 2001 onwards. The cables released starting from 28/11/10 were however, reports, news items, minutes of meetings, and opinions of very senior US professional diplomats who promote the US interests for a living and as a part of their job for which they hold years of experience and training.

Calling it an 'attack on Islam' will not make it any better, but only for the time being we can divert the attention of the masses and ask them to refrain from taking Wikileaks seriously. As it might not go well due to the fact that Wikileaks has highlighted the involvement of some our friendly (religion based) states to be the reason behind the terror networks. A sectarian concern appears to have been the topic of discussion by the US administration as the cables reveal there are proxy wars being fought in Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan with funding from Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar. This issue must be of great importance for the leadership, and should be looked into seriously by the Governments of the mentioned countries to avoid it spiralling out of control. Instead of rubbishing the cables especially when the first month of the Muslim calender is approaching and there is increase in religious activity with large vulnerable to terrorism, gatherings.

China, UK, Brazil, France, Spain, Russia, Germany and others are also pulled into the leaking business, and they all are not happy along with the rest of the world for this irresponsible and childish behaviour by the US Army for not being able to prevent highly classified secrets from slipping away. In addition to this if the US had taken the right steps to stop its scheduled releases now, since the leaking of the July and October editions, the world authorities and leaders wouldn't have been going through this embarrassment today by the hands of the US administration as their opinions and personal perceptions show. But that's a small price to pay, if it can settle the Afghan problem without the NATO losing the war, expose the Bush Junior and Senior's era's of planting and promoting the wars and ultimately gain local popularity as fair and a transparent regime for securing the next term too.

There are a few cables released which do highlight Israel and its will to work for stability in the region (of course nothing negative). Cables also discuss India's interests in the region and some of their ills within their Government, including foreign policy, but overall the importance of Indian influence as necessary for the region is portrayed. From all of the cables the US has come out at as the most responsible and concerned nation which is trying its best to honestly fight the terror networks and its financiers. But this cannot lead us to the conclusion that it was the US whom orchestrated the quantity, types, levels, and timing of the leaks as much as we would want to believe.

I feel it wouldn't matter who was behind releasing of the cables by the time they are all out, as the Americans and the rest of the world would have known by then who has been responsible for what. Also if Julian Assange is to be punished for leaking this information, then NY Times, The Guardian and Der Speigel should also not be spared, because without them Julian is as good as blogger or a propagandists. For now Assange is the religion the Journalists will set to follow.

The reality remains that new cables to come overtime will hardly be able to keep the Media and journalists away from reporting it, because it is human nature to be nosey and read other's letters especially, when they are marked 'no foreigners, secret, or confidential'. Big Brother, Wife Swap or a multi cultural Big Brother now in India, including other reality shows offer the same experience, and their continuation proves the trends. Interestingly, Israel's communication with US State Department is of a different nature than the rest of the world, therefore, as much as we wanted to know about their secrets, we won't be able to because they were not in the releases supplied to Julian Assange.

Hence, we should be prepared to face a new, improved for better, and an honest world, or simply head for WWIII if it turns out bad, which maybe according to the 'plan', and if more bloodshed takes place because of these self-absolving-from-responsibility leaks it will be the US at fault because of it maintaining a policy of 'involvement with the internal affairs of nations that it allies with!

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