March 5, 2011

Hanif Abbasi's Acceptance Of '92 Killings!

The politics of PML(N) is very doubtful "whether it is the politics or a mission to high jack Pakistan".
When Altaf Hussain called Patriotic Army Generals to support the nation in the process revolution against rotten system and corrupt politicians, people like Hanif Abbasi and many other PML(N) leaders started calling this the dictatorship thinking against democratic system, but when the Army was called by Nawaz Sharif in 1992 to launch the operation against Karachiites, it was acceptable by them.
Today Hanif Abbasi accepted PML(N)'s crime against the people of Karachi  in the Mazhar Abbas's "DoTok" by raising the question that Why did Altaf Hussain collaborated with those who killed 15,000 MQM workers after 1992? We know that MQM had to shake hands in the better interest of Sindh in 1997 with Nawaz Sharif when he came to "90"and apologized on his cruel act of 1992. 

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