May 17, 2011

Jamat e Islami Hardcore Terrorists arrested in Karachi

Terrorists of Jamat e Islami and its student group Jamiat who are linked with Al Qaeda and recently involved in attacks on Busses of Pakistan Navy arrested by Police in Karachi.
These Terrorists revealed that 150 students of Jamiat are trianed and now working in karachi.
These Jamiat terrorists blowup students in Karachi University few months back.
Jamat e Islami and Jamiat terrorists are working in the name of Punjabi Mujahideen and Jundullah which is responsible for attack on Corps Commander Karachi and Ashura Bomb Attacks.
Jamat e Islami Terrorists were also involved in attack on GHQ, terrorists were given shelter in Mansura Jamat e  Islami Head  Quarter revealed by one of the suspect.

The Same Jamate  islami Terrorists were involved in attacks on Moon Market Lahore and Parade Lane Mosque which killed Serving Pakistan Army General and hig officials.
Khalid Sheikh Muhammad Al Qaeda number 3 and Master Mind of 9/11 attacks was also arrested from the house of Jamat e  Islami Pindi Nazima Mrs Abul Quddus.
On one hand Jamat e Islami curse US and on  the other hand Jamat e Islami leaders begging USA for funds.

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed