May 24, 2011

Qasba Aligerh Massacre, a reminder to People of Karachi

On 14th of December 1986, Qasba and Aligerh was attacked by Afghan and Pukhtun Drug and Arm Mafia terrorists to avenge Sohrab Goth operation against Drug Mafia and Arm Mafia initiated by Cheif Minister Sindh Ghous Ali Shah who is now President of PML N Sindh.
The massacre continues for several hours, these terrorists were working under the name Pukhtun Action Committee which is still working in Karachi with the same name and headed by Shahi Sed of ANP.
Police under Ghaous Ali Shah refused to intervene and gave open hand to these Drug Mafia and Arm Mafia terrorists who Murdered more than 400 people torched morethan 300 houses and shops with chemicals in 6 hours, Government claim only 50 people.
Now i ask to the people who beat the drum of 12th May why they never raised any voice against this massacre where Men Women and Children were brutally massacred to stop an operation against Drug and Arm Mafia because they were Urdu Speakers?
Where Women were raped and children were thrown in burning houses?
This Video and New Clip from Dawn and Jang is a grim reminder to Urdu Speakers of Karachi as well.
Urdu Speakers has the right to ask Jamat e Islami, PML N, Imran Khan and all the other political and religious parties who beat the drum of 12 May, Why they never raised issue of this massacre and genocide of Urdu Speakers??

The incident of Qasba Aligerh was not an Isolated one it was the series of Attacks on Urdu Speakers.

According to Daily Dawn.

Oct 31 1986 MQM procession passing through Pakhtun-dominated Sohrab Goth area in Karachi comes under heavy fire; several killed and injured
Nov 2 1986 Over 20 people killed in massacre at Sector 11, Orangi, Karachi; local residents blame Pakhtuns

Clean-up mess
Karachi, December 13 The operation launched yesterday in Sohrab Goth, aimed at ridding the area of drugs and weapons, ends in failure. Only 65 kilos of heroin, one Kalashnikov and 2,000 rounds of ammunition are recovered from what is considered to be one of the most important transit posts in the international heroin trade. A high-level leak is suspected to be the cause for the failure.

Orangi killings
Karachi, December 14 An unprecedented massacre of innocent citizens takes place in Qasba Colony, Aligarh Colony and Sector 1-D of Orangi in the early hours of the morning as several hundred marauders open fire on residents with Kalashnikovs and 7mm rifles, setting fire to homes in the area. The police refuse to intervene in what is viewed as a revenge attack by Pakhtuns on a largely mohajir locality. The carnage continues until around 4 pm, when the army is finally called in. The official death toll is 49, and several hundred more are injured.

Now it is the duty of our Pukhtun brothers living in Karachi to expel these Land and Drug Mafia terrorists from Karachi and from their ranks and isolate them who killed Urdu Speakers for their own dirty agenda and use Pukhtun name and trying to incite Ethnic Violence in Karachi the same agenda is now a days peruse by Shahi Sed of ANP now a days.

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