June 8, 2011

ANP planning bloodshed in Karachi

On 31 May 2011, terrorists belonging to ANP(Awami National Party) kidnapped and tortured MQM MPA Aleem ur Rehman from old Sabzi Mandi Area, took him to their office in the same area and tortured him, his Gunman and driver for 2 hours, after that Rangers and Police raided the office of ANP and recovered MQM MPA.
After the incident MQM registered FIR against ANP terrorists who kidnapped Aleem Ur Rehman, instead of handing over the terrorists nominated by MQM,  ANP started to give shelter to it's terrorists and boycotted Sindh and Senate sessions to black mail government, and now the news are coming from Karachi that ANP is planning mass voilence and bloodshed in karachi to divert the attention from the issue of MPA kidnappings. Today in Karachi ANP terrorists killed 3 in Ornagi and Qasba and injured 2 minors as well.

Here is the news from Daily Express, SHO of area telling the journalists from where he recovered MQM MPA.
ANP Office.

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