July 1, 2011

Lyari people are illiterate and dumb, Shermila Faroqi of PPP

Lyari is strong hold of Pakistan Peoples Party but after 4 governments PPP give nothing to the people of Lyari, no school, no lights, no roads, no clean drinking water, PPP only give lyari gangsters, criminals, terrorists, extortionists like Rehman Baloch aka Dakait whom PPP itself murdered after taking dirty work in fake Police Encounters.

Here PPP leader Shermila Faroqi in a Live TV show saying she is not educated from Lyari School, She is educated and sensible, means PPP strong hold Lyari don't have schools to provide good education to poor people of lyari who gave everything for PPP but in return PPP leaders are making fun of Lyari and it's schools.

Like people use Urdu phrase Ma Shikarpur sa nahi aya mean i am not dumb, Shermila Faroqi saying i am not educated from Lyari i am educated mean people of Lyari are illiterate and dumb ass thanks to 4 governments of PPP. See how Shermila Faroqi is taking name of Lyari.

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FarheenRizvi said...

This is the respect PPP have for their voters. After holding strong vote bank from Lyari, if they cant giv them roti , kapra , aur makaan , atleast give them some respect.

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