July 17, 2011

PPP workers beats Najmi Alam and Saeed Ghani after Amir Shah death

After the death of Amir Shah of Peoples Unity, PPP workers beat PPP Karachi division President Najmi Alam and General Secretary Saeed Ghani.
In our earlier post we pointed towards infighting between PPP that results in the tragic murder of Amir Shah, and now this news that PPP Karachi division President Najmi Alam and Secretary General Saeed Ghani were beaten by PPP workers when they reached hospital after Amir Shah death confirmed that power tussle and ethnic tensions with in PPP is the real cause of Amir Shah death.
No senior leader of PPP Sindh and Provincial Minister from PPP Sindh attended the funeral prayers of Amir Shah and Saeed Ghani has resigned from the post of PPP General Secretary after severe beating from the hands of PPP workers
Amir Shah was a close associate of Faisal Raza Abidi, Faisal Raza Abidi was removed as Karachi President of PPP due to internal rift within PPP and Najmi Alam took over the charge from him. PPP Karachi is now divided not only on ethnic basis but also on sectarian basis.

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