August 20, 2011

Businessmen protests agains Zulfiqar Mirza Extortion Mafia

It is becoming habit of MQM opponents and detractors to distort fact about Karachi and blame MQM for any crime that is happening in Karachi which is not only proved false fabricated and concocted every time but there is also a reason behind those allegations on MQM, to save Real Culprits and to defame MQM.

It is always propagated that MQM takes Bhatta or extortion in Karachi which is far from reality, reality is ANP PPP have organized Bhatta Mafia and Extortion rackets in Karachi who are killing people for not giving Bhatta, PPP Senior Minister is incharge of Extortion Racket in Karachi and everyone who lives in karachi knows what PPP workers like famous criminal and terrorists Uzair Baloch leader of notorious Rehman Dakait gang is doing in Karachi.

Now Businessmen of Karachi starts to expose the Extortion and Bhatta Mafia in Karachi. See from your own eyes who is the Real Boss of Extortion Mafia in Karachi.

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