October 18, 2013

PPP refused to conduct operation against Anti Pakistan Sindhi Terrorist

According to reports publish in leading newspaper of Pakistan, PPP government of sindh refused to conduct operation against Sindhi speaking Anti Pakistan Terrorists involved in Anti Pakistan activities and heinous crimes including Murder, Kidnapping for Ransom, Extortion, Bomb Blasts, Bombing on Installation of Pakistan, Kidnapping and killings of Hindus in Interior Sindh. 


The PPP led by Asif Ali Zardari and his son Bilawa Zardari refused operation as most of these anti Pakistan sindhi terrorists are harbor by PPP leaders themselves, PPP use these Anti Pakistan Sindhi terrorist to play Sindh card.


It is worth noting that PPP sindh government doing an operation in Karachi against Mohajirs and MQM to crush the political voice of Mohajirs and Middle class of Pakistan but not doing any operation against Sindhi Speaking Anti Pakistan terrorists of interior Sindh

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