November 7, 2013

PTI wants Ministries for Talibans

Leader of PTI, party headed by Playboy, Talibans and Terrorists apologist Imran Khan demanded ministries for Talibans in all provinces of Pakistan and in center.
According to reports published in Jasarat, a Pro Taliban and Al Qaeda news paper run by terrorist organization Jamat e Islami which is banned in different countries of the world including Bangladesh for crimes against humanity and genocide.
According to leader of PTI Mian Mukarram Shah, Government of Pakistan should hand over Ministry of Religious Affairs to Talibans in all provinces of Pakistan and in Center to save Pakistanis from the suicide attacks of Talibans.
People of Pakistan should boycott PTI as their leaders are now openly siding with Taliban terrorists who killed 50,000 Pakistanis in recent years.

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