November 30, 2013

Talibans beheaded a man and hang his head from bridge in Karachi

From a long time MQM chief Altaf Hussain was pointing towards increasing talibization of Karachi and increasing migration of Taliban terrorist from Afghanistan and other parts of Pakistan towards Karachi, but all the religious and political parties for their own political interests denied and make fun of Altaf Hussain claims, later the unfolding events proved what Altaf Hussain has said is right.
Karachi has seen a barbaric act when Taliban terrorists beheaded a man and hang his head from the bridge in Sohrab Goth a strong hold of Talibans.
Sohrab Goth is head quarter of Talibans where Taliban rules, and Police and Rangers are too scared to go after them.
Just recently during Karachi law n order case The Customs authorities in their report submitted in the court disclosed that Tehrik e Taliban has organized its network in Sohrab Goth and adjoining areas. The report said that Sohrab Goth, Gadap Town, Afghan Basti and inter city bus terminals in Karachi are hotbeds of smuggling of weapons and narcotics.
 Its now time Army should be called to clean Jarachi from Lyari Gangwar and Talibans otherwise Karachi will fall in the hands of Talibans like swat in coming days.

Severed head of ex-navy man found hanging from bridge in Karachi

KARACHI: The severed head of a retired civilian employee of the Pakistan Navy, whose beheaded body was found in Buffer Zone on Thursday, was found by the police on Friday from the Sohrab Goth flyover.
Saleem Raza Qaimkhani was killed inside his house in Sector 16-4 in Buffer Zone. The police also found a Panaflex sheet along with the head on Friday. “This is revenge of the Rawalpindi incident,” said SHO Ejaz Lodhi.

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