April 29, 2009

Terrorists Land Mafia of Karachi Supported by ANP

Today was a bloody day for Karachi and its people as once again hidden hands created law and order situation in Karachi and killed more then 30 people including 3 workers of MQM.

MQM blamed Land Mafia behind those killings, where as Shahi Syed Enemy of Whole Urdu Speaking community maintain his hypocritical approach and forget to tell everyone who are the people behind those killings.

All the Mayhem starts when 2 MQM workers were shot dead by armed Pathans firing from the hill tops of sector 2 North Karachi, even fired and injured many Policeman and Ranjers Personnels, The Ranger then went up to the hill and arrested 25 Pathans with weapons.

Now the Question arises who are the people who are grabbing land of Karachi?

Who are Drug and Arms peddlers in Karachi?

The Answer is quite Simple and Mr Asfandyar Wali Khan himself tell the whole Pakistani Nation Who is the real Land Mafia of Karachi.

Take a Look at this Video

Now watch closely in this video who are the people capturing and dislodging the common citizens of Karachi from their houses by illegally occupying their Apartments with the help of Guns

Karachities are you Sleeping ??

For your memory refreshment read the news published in Daily Express few months ago.


You want more or you want these Afghanis, Pathan Talibans, Drug and Arms peddlers to enter your homes and kick you people out of your homes with your families??

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed