April 30, 2009

MQM was Right! Talibans Start Killing Tableeghi Jamaat Members

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Talibans Killing Members of Tableeghi Jamaat"]Talibans Killing Members of Tableeghi Jamaat[/caption]

The day after Molana Abdul Wahab of Tableeghi Jamaat denounces Talibans of being Un Islamic, Taliban Terrorists starts killing members of Tableeghi Jamaat who are in Swat for the Preaching of Islam, The Religion of Peace.

This incident is also a proof that Talibans have nothing to do with Islam and Pakistan they are Anti Islam and ANti Pakistan.

This incident also shows that What MQM is saying from the day one against Talibans  is right.

These Talibans can't be Muslims nor even Humans.

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