May 7, 2009

Jamat e Islami Lies Exposed

[caption id="attachment_169" align="alignleft" width="488" caption="Jamat e islami Exposed"]Jamat e islami Exposed[/caption]

Jamat e Islami is one of the so called Islamist party of Pakistan who always use Islam and Anti USA sentiments to defame thei apponents.

Jamat e Islami is lieing from last 60 years in the name of islam, From MQM, Altaf  Hussain to PPP, Benazir Bhutto, Nusrat Bhutto and Asif Zardari or anyone who are against them politically would become Anti islam or paid agent of USA or become Anti Islam as they are against Jamat e Islami Politically and Jamat feel them as they political Enemies.

Majority of people in Karachi knows about Jamat e  islami lies publish in Daily Jasarat ( Jamat e Islami official Newspaper) and Daily Ummat(Run by pro Taliban Forces in Pakistan with strong links with Jamat as 99 % of the people working in Ummat are Jamatis).

So this is an overview of Jamat e islami lies in the name of Islam but recently Jamat e Islami caught lieing red handedly and even Official Jamat e Islami mouth piece had to applogise for its lies.

This apology also prove once again that Jamat e Islami is using Islam and Anti US sentiments against it opponents and always lie in the name of Islam.

Recently Jamat e Islami Paper Jasarat apologize to Jang Group for publishing false news against Jang Group for taking millions of $$ from USA..

This Apology must be enough for the people believe in news publish in Daily Ummat and Jasarat as both the papers publish baseless table stories against their Political opponents in the name of Islam.

Shame on you Jamat e Islami your hypocrisy is exposed...


Shahood A. Siddique said...

Ilzaam tarashi to inka khandani kaam hey....Shukar hey qabool kar k mafi to maangi warna qabool bhe nahi kartey or fatwey jari kar datey hey!!!

Adil said...

What else you can expect from a political party which are creating the situation of anarchy since Pakistan came into being. they would distribute they propaganda papers like jasarat and ummat free for contineuing these sort of activities.

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