May 2, 2009

MQM responsible for Karachi Riots ?

It has become a favorite pass time for the people around Pakistan to put blame on MQM when ever incident of violence occurs in Karachi, same happened on 29 April 2009 and the people with Ethnic Racial and Political Hatred against MQM starts blasting MQM and put the blame on MQM for the riots with out knowing with out trying to find out what happened in karachi and who are the people wants to destabilize Karachi and Pakistan.

On 29 April 2009, 2 workers of MQM was brutally shot dead in Zarena Colony in North Karachi by Armed men came from the hill tops, these armed men were so brutal and un human that they not even allowed people to  pick up the bodies of those 2 MQM men they killed( Sound Familier ? same tactics used by Talibans), They even fired on Policemen who went to pickup the bodies injuring them and even injured Rangers Hawaldar and after then Rangers Commandos done an operation and arrested 25 men with weapons from the hill top and from the office of ANP on the top of the Hill.

The most surprising recovery from the office of ANP is the recovery of material used in suicide jackets and bomb making including Ball Barrings, Sharpnels and Nails.

This is the Video evidence of my claim.

Only after the recovery of those things from the ANP office mysterious riots starts in Karachi and killings of innocent Pukhtoons started in Karachi mostly belong from Quetta.

Intrestingly Pukhtoons from Quetta are not Part of ANP, as they always supports party of Mehmood Achakzai against ANP, the voilence also shows a very intresting fact that non of ANP worker got killed or even injured.

Now the recovery of material used in Suicide Jackets and Bomb making and killing of 2 MQM workers went behind the scene and all the mess is put on MQM.

I am not putting blame on anyone but facts are clear, it is only ANP denying Talibans presence in Karachi, but from the offices of ANP recovery of  material used in making of Suicide Jackets and bomb making is a clear evidence as what they are up to, and the killings of innocent Pushtoons mostly from Quetta and Balochistan, and no casualties to ANP workers also clearly shows who are the people behind all this violence.

After all these proofs do you think MQM was responsible for Karachi riots or the party(ANP) whose office was used for giving shelter to Land Grabbers + Talibans and material of making Suicide Jackets and Bomb Making were recovered from there ?


waheed zaman said...

ANP is a terrorist organization and working against the interest of Pashtuns everywhere. I am a Pashtun living in Karachi and see ANP as hijacking Pashtun casue to earn money of our name!

Yaqub Memon said...

MQM is the only representative of Sindh and had done wonders for Karachi and people living in Karachi and Urban Sindh.

This looks like a conspiracy by agencies to malign MQM after they were getting popular in Punjab because of there stand against Talibans

raza khan said...

why Anp supports Talibans? :@

raza khan said...

why Anp supports Talibans?...

and why would mqm create such mess in karachi.. the fact is karachi belongs to mqm.

watch this

talibans assulting womens in Swat and Afghanistan... and planing to take control over karachi.

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed