June 18, 2009

Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s shrine Closed in Karachi.

According to news, Shrine of Sufi Saint Abdullah Shah Ghazi (R A) is closed in Karachi amid news of imminent attacks on Shrines in Karachi by Talibans.

According to the news,
KARACHI: The shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi remained closed today due to security threats. The CCPO Karachi said terrorists could target shrines.

According to chief administrator of Auqaf Sindh, the mazar will remain closed till further orders.

I ask Mr CCPO Karach Wasim Ahmed and Interior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza that from a long time MQM and Altaf Hussain are pointing towards growing Talibanization in Karachi and increasing activities of Talibans in Karachi but both of you always denies it, If  MQM and Altaf hussain was wrong then why there is a need of closure of Shrine of  Abdullah Shah Ghazi (R A)?

People of Karachi remember if anything happen in Karachi and Taliban Terrorists attack Karachi then the people denying the presence of Talibans in Karachi will be responsible for those attacks including PPP, Karachi and SIndh Police, Jamat e Islami, PML N and all the other Political and Religious Parties denying the Taliban Presence in Karachi.

Thank you Altaf Hussain and MQM for warning the people of Karachi against the threat of Talibans in Karachi.

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