June 11, 2009

MQM and Pukhtoons in Karachi, The Reality !

MQM is always been criticize by the detractors and the people living outside Karachi of being Anti Pukhtoons, This propaganda is created by some Political and religious parties who are doing Politics in Karachi on major non Urdu Speaking Vote  specially JUI, Jamat e Islami, PML-N, PPI and Pukhtoon Nationalists ANP.

As there is a saying in Urdu Jhoot ka Paoon nahi hottay, (Lies don't have feets to Walk) the propaganda against MQM always failed to produce the desire results but do create and atmosphere to halt the MQM march in Pakistan.

The Establishment which is comprises of Strong Central Punjab and their Agents like Mullahs, Industrialist, Generals and Feudals never accepts MQM nor accepts its mandate as the Philosophy of MQM to send people from Middle and lower Middle Class is a threat to this ruling Elite which is ruling Pakistan for the last 60 years.
But after all this Propaganda and dirty allegation campaigns against MQM, The Ethnic Pushtoon Nationalist Party ANP Chief Asfand Yar Wali accepts the reality that Pukhtoon joined MQM and there is no Urdu Speak in ANP.

This revelation is quite important and historic as the ANP leader has to accept the reality and this revelation is also a slap on MQM critics who blame MQM as Anti Pukhtoons. This revelation also proves the point that Karachi is put into the violence by Anti MQM people who wants to stop the the Spread of MQM in Pakistan.

Here is What Asfandyar Wali Khan said in his TV interview with Hamid Mir.


syed akhlaq hussain abidi said...

MQM'S good work whenever reaches some zenith or its graph of popularity starts rising the anti MQM forces innovates many ways to defame MQM like the recent target killing in karachi and just before it publicising reliefs for Haqiqi leaders.Relegious parties like JI who has lost all grounds in Karachi and sindh keep doing this and leave no oppertunities to operate viciously in such circumstances.People of Karachi has to be informed of this.MQM who is caolition partner and who wishes peace and constructive work in Karach has no benefit to do such nefarious workand spoil its rising image. and the rulers must not join them but control them.

Mariam Rehman said...

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Cupidarsh said...

Aaj to press conference main 3800 cases muders,extortion,dacoits,drilling in alive human's eyes, torture cells jese saray cases khol kar bambooo de diyaa Sindh Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza ne ..LOLZ..

Ab To HYDERABAD or INDIA janay wali trains or buses k ticket katna shuru ho gaye hainn bhaiiii .. hahaha

Ab kaarkun bechare bhai k pass LONDON to janay se rahe..:p...

junaid said...

yes this is reality

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed