June 8, 2009

Imran Khan Haven't read his Own Party Constitution

Imran Khan is out in Politics from last 13 years, he was introduced in Politics by Non other then Mr Hameed Gul, The Father of Jehadis who are ow destroying Pakistan every passing hour.

Imran Khan and His party openly supports Talibans and he is a big Critic of  MQM and Altaf Hussain, and on different channels he give lectures On Politics and democracy and constitution but he himself a Dictator in his own party.

Recently Imran Khan gave an interview to Mazhar Abbas on ARY News and shocked the ANchor when he said he didn't read the Constitution of his own party nor he knows what is written in PTI Constitution.

I ask Mr Imran Khan if he don't know what is written in his party constitution then how he is running his party according to the Party Constitution?

Further more he said he didn't read the Party Constitution in last 13 Years!

Imran Khan If you don't know what is written in PTI constituion and you also didn't read the constitution then kindly tell us how your are running your party Constitutionally ?

Also tell us who made your party constitution as you accept that neither you know what is written in your Party Constitution nor you read it ?

It seems Imran Khan Party Constitution is written by Baith Ullah Mehsud or Hameed Gul or might by some Jamati as the Top Leadership of PTI belongs from Jamat e Islami.

Here is the complete video of Imran Khan Confession.

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Basid said...

But Gen. Hameed Gul isn't the "father" of the "jehadis" who are destroying Pakistan. Gen. Gul is the father of the jehadis who are destroying the US army in Afghanistan, and destroyed the Soviet army two decades ago. And those Afghan jehadis/Taliban have nothing to do with these treasonous elements in Pakistan. Those Afghans were and are honorable people.

A few years ago, this thing got alot of media coverage, when a female journalist who'd spent time in jail in Afghanistan under those Taliban, because she had entered the country illegally, converted to Islam after seeing how respectfully she was treated by those Afghans. See how nicely our civilized americans treat their prisoners in Abu-Ghraib, Guantanamo, and hundreds of other secret prisons around the world.

On the other hand, the Pakistani "taliban" forcefully enter houses and kidnap little girls to marry, they marry three or four times a day, punish people by hammering nails in their head, etc. No-where in places where true Islamic jihad is currently being carried out, or historically has ever been carried out, have true Mujahideen committed attrocities like this.

It would be foolish to criticize the Islamic concept of Jihad and self-defence, because the US props, arms, supplies, and funds insurgencies in our country, to create a feasible backdrop situation, in which they get to come in and neutralize Pakistan's nuclear weapons.

Admin note:
If Hameed Gul has so much problem with USA then he should join the forces fighting against USA and himself do jehad.
Secondly his agenda is not Islam his agenda is something else that is the reason he was doing Politics making IJI and distributing money in politicians.

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