April 30, 2010

Another ANP, PukhtoonSF Criminal Died in Police Encounter in Karachi

Involvement of ANP criminals in every sort of crimes is now becoming a routine, Everyday ANP criminals deprived people of Karachi from their Cars, Mobile Phones, Valuables in Street crimes, this is not just limited to Street crimes, Gangs of ANP are involved in organized crimes, including Land Grabbing, Arms and Drug trafficking, Armed Robberies, Rapes and Murders.
Yesterday another criminal and terrorist of Pukhtoon Students Federation, Student wing of ANP died in a police encounter, he was snatching valuables from a family when the Police chased and in encounter he died.
After his Death as usual the criminals of ANP start rioting on roads, in rioting looted many people, pelted stones on cars and damage the Public Property.

This is the real face of ANP, ANP has nothing to do with common Pukhtoons, they are bunch of criminals who are active to destroy Karachi.
Shahi Syed aka Shahi Supari and Thook walay Baba(Spitting Moron) use to cry about making Karachi a weaponless city, he is conspiring to even take the license weapons from the people of Karachi so that the criminals of ANP can easily do their crimes in Karachi without fear.

Here is a video of Shahi Syed, just listen his views about Mohajirs

In this video he is crying about making Karachi a Weapon less city but he himself making an Army of ANP terrorists with leathal weapons.


fatima-ahtesham said...

video seems to be look like a horrible movie

Anonymous said...
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