May 5, 2010

Weapons meant for ANP terrorists in Karachi Recovered from a Trailer

( Shahi Syed, President ANP Sindh and Incharge of Arms, Drugs, Land and Criminal Mafia in Karachi)
Huge amount of weapons meant for ANP( Awami National Party) Terrorists recovered from a trailer coming from Peshawar. With this Karachi is again saved from Possible ANP terrorism. This also shows that all the weapon in Karachi is Coming from Peshawar and from Tribal areas.

The Sindh President of ANP Shahi Syed cries about making Karachi a weaponless city but in reality ANP is stock piling huge amount of weapons in Karachi so that they can easily capture karachi.
The other main reason of Shahi Syed crying is because of the reason that ANP workers are involved in henious crimes in Karachi including Murder, Kidnapping, Street Crimes, Mobile Snatching, Arms and Drug Traficking and in Land Grabbing, this is the reason Shahi Syed cries to even take the license weapons from the People of Karachi so that the Criminals and terrorists of ANP do crimes in Karachi without any fear.

 In recent Jalsa of ANP in Karachi with the name Jashan e Khyber Pukhtoonkha, Shahi Syed threathen to destroy Karachi and threats to take Karachi back in 1947 era, He is giving to make Karachi Kabul from 2006 and this is the reason on one hand ask for deweaponization of Karachi and on the other hand smuggling weapons to Karachi from Peshawar.

Shahi Syed and ANP, don't think people of Karachi are fools or they are afraid of you, tumhara wo hashar karain gay ager hamaray Shahar per Qabza kernay ki koshish ki ka yaad rakho gay.

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