May 10, 2010

Jamat e Islami Road Caravan Drama Flopped in Karachi

Jamat e Islami Supporter of Suicide attacks in Pakistan

 Jamat e Islami again humiliated and failed in Karachi when its so called Road Caravan in Karachi failed to attaract people as the people of Pakistan knows about their supports to Terrorists and Suicide Bombers.

One of the reason People of Karachi hasn't participated in the Jamat e Islami Political stunt is because of its terrorism in Educational Institute, Jamat e Islami terrorists killed a young student in Peshawar University recently and its student wing trashed the Professor of Punjab University and defends the brutal act.

According to the sources within Jamat e Islami, the Caravan that is supposed to attaract more then 25000 people, who are hardcore Jamat e Islami workers and their families failed to attract even the desire people apart from ordinary citizens,many of Jamat e Islami own didn't took part in the caravan.

The Caravan was supposed to by led by the Ameer Jamat e Islami Munawwar Hassan from Sohrab Goth, but as Jamat e Islami failed to gather people on the starting point the Ameer refused to lead the procession and the Caravan started with out Jamat e Islami Ameer.

Ameer Jamat joined the Caravan on Tibbet Centre, the Jamat e islami Newspaper had to temper the picture and blured the back ground of picture to show masses of people.

Look at this picture taken from Ummat Newspaper, Just watch it closely, the AERO points towards a Bus, everyone knows that Big Transport Vehicles never parked in between the people who attend any Jalsa or rally, as it posses a security threat, also watch closely, after the Bus, the picture is BLURRED even Electric Polls in the middle of Road have been blurred to show a mass crowd.

Jamat e Islami has habit of lying and that is not new to people of Pakistan, following picture is a wonderful example of how big lairs they are.
Watch the picture closely and you won't stop laughing after seeing it.


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