July 20, 2010

I am Still Mohajir. Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan

Many people in Pakistan don't even try to accept the reality that the mass urdu speaking population is always persecuted by the ruling elite and masses.
Mohajirs or Urdu Speaking People migrated from India to Pakistan at the time of Partition in 1947 never considered as Son of Soils, they have been target of Racism and systematic Economic and Bodily massacre, even they gave 2 million lives for the creation of Pakistan.
Still there is a Quota System on Mohajirs which barred the talented Urdu Speaking youth from entering into Government Jobs.
The way Mohajirs have been treated in Pakistan, made a person like Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pioneer of Pakistan's Atomic Bomb says this.

I was Made to feel i am not Pakistani, I am not Son of Soil and i am still Mohajir.
Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan.

The 1992 operation against Mohajirs were also an example that how the rulling elite tried to kill Mohajirs and tries to eliminate the only voice of Mohajirs MQM.

Here is a Video showing ANP Sindh President Shahi Syed spitting Poison and Racism against Mohajirs, but no one from the TV, Media, Anchors or anyone from civil society or judiciary ever came out and raised voice over these gruesome comments. 


mehmood said...

Mr Faisal Muhammed a well known"International Mediator" of Muslim World & Central Leader of Pakistan Muslim League said in USA, the bigest mistake or SIN of Pervez Musharraf is only that he is "Muhajir".
Otherwise many politician are big Traitors but no body ask with them,BECAUSE THAY ARE SON OF SOIEL THAY HAVE THAIR OWN PROVINCE BY LANGUAGE BASE,which is we dont have, we are not Pakistani we are only Muhajir.

ali said...

You are right, Mehmood, This is not
good for Pakistan.
Dr.Qadeer,Faisal Muhammed,Mustufa
Kamal,are "Unparlleled" personalitys of world,These are Hero of Muslim world not Hero of Pakistan because these are Muhajir.

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