July 22, 2010

MQM was not Involved in Hakim Saeed Murder. Ex DG IB Iqbal Niazi

Ex DG IB, Col Ret Iqbal Niazi revealed that MQM was not Involved in Hakim Saeed Murder in Karachi back in 1998, and it was Rana Maqbool the closest of Nawaz Sharif who is now Secretary Prosecution of Punjab framed MQM in Hakim Saeed Murder.

From these Revelations it is now clear that Nawaz Sharif was himself involved in that Murder of Hakim Saeed and he framed MQM to impose Governor Rule in Sindh where his party had only 16 MPA's as MQM refused to support him on 15th amendment through which he wants to become Amir ul Momineen.

Here is what Ex DG IB, Col Ret Iqbal Niazi revealed.

Nawaz Sharif made Rana Maqbool a criminal IG Sindh who tortured to death many workers of MQM.
Here are some pictures of MQM worker Fasih Jugnu was severaly tortured to Death on the orders of Rana Maqbool and Nawaz Sharif.

Kamran Khan of Geo and TheNews  exposed the Hakim Saeed Murder and accused Nawaz Sharif and Zia Uddin Butt Ex DG ISI and now an important figure in Punjab Government of Shahbaz Sharif of Killing Hakim Saeed.

Slowly and gradually the truth is coming out, after Jinnah Pur these revelations are quite sparkling.
Now we have to see the reaction of the People of Pakistan was accused MQM falling into the propaganda of different regimes out to crush MQM.

This is also a test for Free Judiciary and CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, He should form a high power inquiry for Jinnah Pur and Hakim Saeed so that the real culprits would be punish.

I Salute Altaf Hussain and each worker and sympathizer of MQM who gave every thing bear every sort of torture, accusations allegations but didn't bow down infront of these lairs and now Allah Showing the truth to everyone.

G.A Altaf Hussain

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