September 25, 2010

Altaf Hussain hinted his Assasination

MQM leader and Quaid Mohtaram Altaf Hussain hinted his Assassination from the hands of World big powers in collaboration with Pakistani Establishment who is also bread and parcel with World Establishment.
Pakistani Establishment to save guard their own interests always sides with World powers like USA, people of Pakistan should take a look at the history of Pakistan and its collaboration with world powers on the cost and lives of Poor Pakistanis. Only Generals, Feudals Benefited either from making Mujahideens or making Talibans and now killing those Talibans all on the orders of Super Powers, People of Pakistan got nothing not in the past nor will in the Future, they only bring People in power in Pakistan who obeyed what US or Big Powers said, after one and other by fooling People of Pakistan.

May Allah Safe Guard Altaf Hussain life.

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