September 26, 2010

Last words of Imran Farooq about Altaf Hussain

Roughly three weeks ago, this scribe came across Dr Imran at a local shopping mall and exchanged views about Pakistan’s situation for about five minutes. He told The News then he was spending a lot of time reading books and enjoying indoor sports. He had also said that it was not correct that he was not on the same page as the rest of the party.
“I can tell you Altaf Hussain still consults me on various issues and I admire his leadership. I have always done that and will always remain committed to the philosophy he taught us. Lets not care much about what media says a lot of times,” he said in a very light mood and went off for shopping.

These are the last words of Dr Imran Farooq to a journalist who met him just 3 weeks before his Murder.
The person is Geo and Jang London Correspondent Murtaza Ali Shah.
I don't want to say any other thing but these words are slap on the face of the people who are trying to make this murder controversial.

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