December 6, 2010

ANP nexus with Talibans and Militants exposed by Wikileaks

After Karachi where ANP and Talibans are working together, wikileaks exposes ANP workers links with Talibans and Militants.

According to wikileaks

This message has been sent to Pentagon.
38. (S//FGI//NF) Pakistan - Militants may be planning to
abduct U.S. and UK citizens from NGOs and consulates;
dual-citizens in Peshawar: Tearline intelligence reports,
"Militants attached to Pakistan's Mumtaz Group may be
planning to kidnap U.S. and UK citizens working in NGOs and
consulates, as well as dual-citizen Pakistanis who are either
visiting or residing in Peshawar, as of June 26. Peshawar's
University Town could be the likely venue for such an
operation. Further, the following individuals who probably
reside in (the) Peshawar area could be supporters of the
Mumtaz Group: Fahim, son of Ihsanullah; Ayaz; Abdul Rehman
Khan (Awami National Party) and his son, Yunas Khan,
residents of Kafir Dheri, Peshawar; Garib Shah Badshah; and
Muazzam Badshah, son of Shah Badshah."

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