January 14, 2011

ANP doing Genocide of Urdu Speaks in Karachi.

ANP Terrorists murdered this young girl. Her crime, she was Urdu Speaking.
Genocide of Urdu Speaking people(Mohajirs) continues in Karachi and more then 21 Urdu Speaks are brutally murdered in Karachi in 2 days by Terrorists belonging to Awami National Party (ANP) who murdered Urdu speaking people after identifying them.
ANP terrorists also killed a minor Girl with a gun shot on her heart from a close range who was traveling with her father.
Interestingly Pakistanis who made huge cries over the death of any Pukhtun in Karachi are Silent over this Massacre and Genocide of Urdu Speaks. Seems Blood of Urdu Speaks has no value in the eyes of People of Pakistan.

These are News and Pictures of ANP terrorism against Urdu Speaking people of Karachi.

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Aftab Karim said...

Such killings have become a regular feature. The law enforcing people are equally involved. Nothing good can be expected from the government. Human Rights people and MQM must find a permanent solution.

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed