January 15, 2011

ANP murder another MQM leader in Karachi

Syed Badshah Khan of MQM with other MQM leaders
Terrorists belonging to Awami National Party (ANP) a group of Land Mafia, Drug peddlers and Terrorists in Karachi murdered another MQM leader Syed Badshah Khan.
Syed Badshah Khan a Pukhtun and an active member of MQM was murdered in Mominabad by ANP Terrorists.

Syed Badshah Kahn was elected as Deputy Town Nazim SITE on MQM ticket and now a days working as member of MQM Muttahida Organizing Committe.

ANP terrorists are doing massacre of Urdu Speaking people from last 3 days in Karachi and now started killing Pukhtuns who are working for MQM.

More recenly ANP terrorists murdered GEO News reporter Wali Khan Babar also a  Pukhtun as he was against the terrorism of ANP in Karachi.

Wali Khan Babar who was a close friend of Haider Abbas Rizvi of MQM was killed just because he was against ANP terrorism in Karachi ANP is killing every Pukhtun who is close to MQM to do Politics in the name of Pukhtuns.

A close of friend, former class fellow and colleague of Wali Khan Babar  describing Wali Khan Babar.

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