January 16, 2011

Sketch of Wali Khan Babar Murderer

Sketch of Wali Khan Babar Murderer.

Anyone can easily identify this person who murdered Wali Khan Babar.
The sketch made by Police is of Liaquat Bangash of ANP.
Note bend nose in the sketch and in the picture.
All of you must recall that Wali khan Babar last report was about Pahalwan Goth Operation against 2 drug mafia groups of ANP one Headed by Liaquat Bangash.
What more proofs anyone needs after this that who killed Wali Khan Babar of Geo and after that starts merciless killings of Urdu Speaks to hide this murder.

1 comment:

FarheenRizvi said...

yes..face cut, lips and nose all are the same...Try to get his picture without glasses..

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