February 17, 2011

Revolt If You Respect Women !

Today news must have shook us up for five minutes at least that a woman was forced to marry and then gang raped by the kidnapper and his friends but he had no fear for laws and consequences.
Couple of weeks ago Shumaila died while asking for the justice.
The two girls are missing or on the run who were raped by a gang in Clifton , Karachi.
The blame goes to the system whether a man kills his wife for not bringing a car in the dowry or beat up for not giving him a male fetus. The blame goes to the weak justice system, the corrupt police system and the failed government whether federal or provincial.  If the society is full of corrupt people this means that on the other hands there are many victims too who are suffering from the corrupt system. 
Pakistani cricket team is a suitable example of the macro system of Pakistan that three players found guilty for corruption but this does not shift the blame on the team.  Our expectations are alive and prayers with them.  
The people are wrong who think that the whole society is sick or brain dead just because a group of criminals has high jacked the minds of all of us. I think only sluggards are seeing the pessimistic side of the society. The architects of the fake democratic systems have damaged those people but the rest can move and motivate them back to track of nationhood.
Our fake democratic system is playing with the minds of those who are living in the rural areas but what is wrong with those minds who are living in urban areas and  aware of the surroundings’ realities? If we cannot revolt for the honor of the women of this nation means we are bunch of dead people not a NATION?

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