April 11, 2011

People of Punjab are Bikao Maal. PML Nawaz

PML N leaders call these women Bikao Maal

After successful Jalsa of MQM in Lahore on 10th April 2011, leaders of PML Nawaz lost their temper and cross all the limits and called People of Punjab Bikao Maal.
First PML N leaders said people of jalsa were transported from Karachi but when they saw people of Punjab in Jalsa they started to call them Bikao Maal.
Khawaja Saad Rafiq and Ahsan Iqbal on live TV said people who are in jalsa are brought on rent by paying 1000 Rs each, it means people of Punjab are Bikao Maal and can be purchased for little amount of 1000 Rs.
And if People came to jalsa for 1000 Rs it means PML Nawaz government of Punjab failed to deliver people of Punjab and force them to sell themselves for just 1000 RS.
In reality PML N leaders have habit of buying people so they thought MQM also bought people like they do. Watch this video and see how PML N buy people.

Shame Shame PML N  people of Punjab will take revenge from you for  calling them Bikao Maal in next elections by voting to MQM .
Pictures of MQM jalsa of Lahore, Thousands of our Punjabi Brothers and Sisters in Jalsa whom PML N leaders called Bikao Maal.
PML N leaders calls these children Bekao Maal

PML N call all of these our Punjabi brothers, Sisters, Elders and Children who came to attend the Jalsa BIKAO MAAL.

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