April 7, 2011

Zulfiqar Mirza call Urdu Speaks Bhookay Nangay

Zulfiqar Mirza the self proclaimed Badmaash and criminal is known for his criminal and terrorists activities. He is also known for his hatred against Urdu Speaks who migrated to Pakistan after 1947.
Now his hate against Urdu Speaks comes on his lips when he called the Founders of Pakistan, the people who gave 2 millions lives for Pakistan Bhookay and Nangay in a speech in Lyari.

2 years back ANP sindh President Shahi Sed also gave racist speech against Urdu Speaks and called them Bhaiya log, Panah Gazeen who fled India after getting shoe beating.

After these speeches it is now clear that Zulfiqar Mirza and Shahi Sed both are working to incite ethnic violence in Karachi and Sindh, Zulfiqar Mirza speech is also a slap on Urdu Speaking leaders of PPP like Fozia Wahab, Faisal Abidi, Taj Haider, Raza Rabbani, Shermila Faroqi as he also called their ancestors Bhookay Nangay.
Zulfiqar Mirza Speech is also an Eye Opener for Urdu Speaks in PPP. This is what these PPP leaders thinks of Urdu Speaks.

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Zebra said...

This is one of the most hate full speech I've ever heard in last few months. Last time it was ANP Shahi Sayed (below the Mirza vid).

What is this hate?

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