June 24, 2011

Taliban ask people to kill Farooq Sattar, Jasmeen Manzur and others in Karachi

Sirf Karachi also expose the silence of Media on the issue and published a post written by a Doctor from Karachi but Media didn't pay any attention and now Talibans distributed pamphlets in Karachi Pukhtun Populations most of them are No-Go Areas for Local Police and Law Enforcement agencies.
In these Pamphlets Talibans Urge people to kill Politicians, Journalists, Police Officers, Religious Clerics by declaring them Jews and asked the people that if they failed to kill these people kill their families. 
Interestingly not a single name of any ANP leader from Karachi is included in this hit list.
After the inclusion of Senior Journalists like Jasmeen Manzoor, Kamran Khan and Mazhar Abbas i request media to please show the world what is happening in Karachi and how Talibans are getting foothold in Karachi with ANP sindh facilitation and help of religious parties like Jamat e Islami.

Miscreants distribute ‘hit list’ leaflets in Karachi

KARACHI - Unidentified terrorists have distributed instigating leaflets in various outskirts of the city to maintain a ‘hit list’ of anti-jihadi personalities and kill them and their family members.
The copy of the handbill, obtained by The Nation, showed scores of high-profile personalities’ list and indicated to enhance it. It showed a set schedule to kill the said personalities. It gave the names of various personalities belonging to journalist community, political, non-political figures, government high-ups, intelligence officials and law enforcement agencies personnel.
The communiqué justifies jihad and urges to wage jihad against the people, who are creating problems against the jihadi elements, and also asks individuals to maintain the hit list of people and kill them after taking ‘fatwa’ from religious clerics.
The areas where the communiqué, composed in Urdu was said to be distributed included Keamari, Kunwari Colony, Sultanabad, Manghopir, Sohrab Goth, Ittehad Town, Baldia, Orangi Town, Metrovill, Korangi, Saeedabad and others. “Make the list in a sequence and if you feel any problem to achieve the target, kill the family members of target,” the leaflet reads adding that it was aimed “To make the list of wanted criminals because they are the actual criminals labelling jihadis as terrorists.” The communiqué includes the names of 18 people at the hit list. The names are Jasmin Manzur, Mazhar Abbas, Kamran Khan, Veena Malik, Begum Nawazish Ali, former director general Federal Investigation Agency Wasim Ahmed, Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), Karachi Saud Mirza, CID SSP Chaudhry Mohammad Aslam Khan, CID SSP Fayyaz Khan, Anti Violent Crime Unit Chief SSP Farooq Awam, Special Investigation Unit chief SSP Raja Omar Khattab, Sunni scholar Mufti Naeem, Shia scholar Mirza Yousuf Baig, Dawat-e-Islami chief Ilyas Qadri, Muttahida Qaumi Movement leaders Haider Abbas Rizvi, Faisal Raza Abidi, Farooq Sattar and Rashid Qureshi, the former spokesperson of the former president of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf. 

The communiqué ends with provoking poetry “Pas Aey Shehsawaran-e-Islam. Utho Aey Allah k Lashkar. Agay Barho Aey Din ki talwaron. Chamko aur bijli ki karak ban kar dushmanan-e-Din per tot paro.” The leaflet further said that the definition of a ‘wanted criminal’ had been changed, as earlier, it was used for robbers and dacoits but after 9/11, it was started to be used for the people who were honest and sincere with Islam and wanted to wage jihad. It said the real wanted criminals were those people who were dishonest and insincere with Islam rather they were engaged with plotting against Muslims.
The communiqué stated that these elements played their role as the backbone of ‘kufar’ (infidelity) adding that these personalities included the leaders of non-Muslim countries, United Nations, World Bank, IMF, diplomats of European countries, multinational companies owned by the ‘Yahood o nasara’ (jews), army leadership, police and intelligence officials, leaders of the secular political parties, top officials of bureaucracy, media and others.
When contacted, IGP Wajid Durrani said the police had the details about the distribution of the said letters and investigation in this regard was underway.

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