June 19, 2011

Jehad calls against Mahajirs and silence of Ghairat / Be-Ghairat Brigade.

It was a shocker for me, belonging to a family who migrated from the state of UP to Pakistan after partition and bearing pain of losing 3 of my maternal uncles in the post partition riots, I never expected to listen this shit that i heard and watch on youtube, a frustrated Molana delivering fatwa in pushtu urging his followers to wage Jehad against Mahajirs and called Mahajirs race of Jews.

I quickly rang one of my staff in Qasba Colony and asked him about this, his reply was horrible enough to beat the shit out of me, he replied they had not just announced the jehad, they are doing it from last three days, They are firing on the top of the hills throwing hand grenades in Mahajir houses, looting and killing people, where is Police and Rangers I asked? They are giving them security he replied.

I searched for the latest updates on local papers, logged on to my twitter account and found nothing regarding this except few MQM walas crying on the issue and nobody else bothered to pay any attention on it.
Next day it was MQM who not only released the audio captured by a local TV cameramen braved enough to sneak into Qasba for covering the events but also gave a warning to elements who announced Jehad against Mahajirs by a threat, This is not 1986 this is 2011.

But the thing that bothered me was the strange silence and cold behavior of media, Social Media Gurus and  so called liberals of Pakistan who never waste a chance to ridicule and malign religious forces of Pakistan (Right Wingers) also having a pet name Ghairat Brigade on social medias in front of the world on this very dangerous issue, In response the right wingers used word Be Ghairat Brigade for these Liberals, Leftists and Mummy Daddy social media time passers and journalists.These Ghairat and BeGhairat Brigades are always at war against each other and never agrees on anything, but the Jehad calls against Mahajirs made them united none came out against it nor condemn it.

I am one of those people of Karachi who never paid attention on politics of ethnicity, i saw rise of MQM and bloody operation against it, I worked at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and saw everything but that too didn't convinced me to vote for MQM as i always consider me as a Pakistani rather a Mahajir, but this incident in which I was declared as Jew and calls for jehad against me raised publicly forced me to stop considering myself Pakistani, Like Pushtuns, Balochis, Sindhis and Punjabis  who says they are Pushtuns, Balochis, Sindhis and Punjabis first and Pakistani second,  i was surprised to see that all the civil society, Media, Anchorpersons and Social Media barkers sealed their lips on this issue when people like me was called Jew and calls for Jehad were raised against me.

The Cold behavior of Ghairat and Be Ghairat brigade could be because of their ethnic prejudice against Mahajirs but their behavior is surly pushing Mahajirs to the wall, These Ghairat Brigades and Be Gahirat Brigades have so much motherly love for the Muslims around the world and minority sects in Pakistan but they don't have interest for 8% population of Pakistan called Urdu Speakers or Mahajirs.

Thank You Gahirat and Be Ghairat Brigades you made me Mahajir from Pakistani, My message to all Mahajirs irrespective of their political association to get united as this jehad call is not against MQM it's against Mahajirs and these people are not asking before killing a person you are in MQM or not they are killing a person because he is a Mahajir.

This jehad call is also a wakeup call for Mahajirs in different political parties they too should ask their parties why they are tight lipped on these Jehad calls against Mahajirs?

(Writer is a famous Cardiologist of Karachi who works in one of the biggest Private Hospitals of Pakistan)

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