June 16, 2011

Terrorism of ANP expose by media and residents of Orangi and Qasba

Terrorism of Awami National Party (ANP) expose by media and residents of Orangi Town, Qasba Colony and  Katti Pahari. These ANP terrorists are firing on population from hill tops and throwing hand grenades in houses, they are targetting Urdu Speakers and giving them threats to leave Qasba and Orangi.
No one in Pakistan is raising voice over this and this attitude is pushing people of Karachi to raise arms against ANP terrorists,
This terrorism of ANP against the unarmed people of Orangi Town and Qasba is going on from 3 decades, but nobody raise voice against it in Pakistan. Government also didn't do anything to vacate the illegal encroachments on hill tops.

In 1986 these ANP Arm and Drug Mafia terrorists massacred hundred in the same Orangi and Qasba which is famous with the name Qasba and Aligarh Massacre.

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