August 18, 2011

Lyari, slaughter house of Urdu Speakers

Lyari has become slaughter house for urdu speakers, in last 48 hours more then 50 urdu speakers were kidnapped from their houses and from buses and cars after identification by lyari gangsters headed by notorious criminal and senior minister of PPP Zulfiqar Mirza  from lyari and adjoining areas, brutally tortured them, beheaded them, chopped in pieces or shot dead and their bodies are thrown in different parts of lyari in bags (Bori) and areas close to lyari.

Now in evening, news coming from Karachi that Rehman Malik asked the abductors who are from his own ruling PPP to release kidnapped urdu speakers held in lyari in 24 hours otherwise an action will be initiated against them, Police Chief claims that Police safely recover many urdu speakers but failed to arrest anyone nor he mention the name of lyari gangsters of PPP as they have official patronage from PPP and Zulfiqar Mirza.

I request my readers to note that no one from Lyari will be arrested for this Urdu Speakers massacre in Lyari as it is all planned by PPP own Senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza who wants Civil War in Karach.
No operation will be initiated against these Lyari Terrorists BUT sooner or later Zulfiqar Mirza and these Lyari Gangsters has to pay for their crimes.

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