August 18, 2011

Another massacre of Urdu Speakers in Lyari

Terrorists of Peoples Aman Committee and Lyari Gangsters massacred 38 Urdu speakers in Karachi Lyari area in just 2 days, all of them were first kidnapped and after their identification as Urdu Speakers brutally murdered and their bodies were thrown in different areas of Karachi in gunny bags.
Few months back the same terrorists of Peoples Aman Committee a group headed by Zardari closest friend and Sindh Senior Minister Zulfiqar Mirza asked Urdu Speaks to leave Lyari.

It is worth noting that no one in Pakistan is raising voice over brutal massacres of Urdu Speakers in Karachi from the hands of Peoples Aman Committee Lyari Gangsters and Awami National Party as these people considered Urdu Speakers who migrated from india after 1947 partition as refugees and not ready to accept them as Son of Soils.

Not a single terrorists of Peoples Aman Committee, Lyari Gangsters and Awami National Party arrested for massacring Mohajirsas all these terrorists are run by influential Ministers of Pakistan Peoples Party.

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