August 11, 2011

Political Prostitute Jamat e Islami exposed again

Jamat e Islami joined hands with Anti Pakistan Sindhi Nationalists against Karachi
Jamat e Islami is commonly known as Munfiqs or hypocrites in Pakistani society, for their interest use name of Islam even use jehad for earning dollars. It is a well known fact that Jamat e Islami was against the creation of Pakistan, it's founder Maududi called Quaid e Azam Kafir e Azam and called Pakistan Na Pakistan and now Jamat e Islami once again proved that they are against Pakistan by siding with Anti Pakistani Sindhi Nationalists and ANP, ANP was also against the creation of Pakistan and it's top leadership on live TV programs accepted that they were against Pakistan.
Now all the Anti Pakistan elements Jamat e Islami, Sindhi Nationalist (who painted walls of Sindh and Karachi with Slogans like Pakistan Na Khappay) and ANP joined hands and give strike call on the eve of Pakistan's Independence Day with a sole purpose to disturb Pakistan day celebration in the name of Commissioner System.
Jamat e Islami endorse strike call and wants commissioner system back but only few days back Jamat e Islami top leader and former city Nazim Naimatullah Khan who is also head of Jamat e Islami charity wing Alkhidmat called commissioner system tool of British Raj to control people and asked for Local Bodies system. and now Jamat e Islami endorsing call of Sindhi Nationalists in favor of same commissioner system.

This is the real face of Jamat e Islami, people in Pakistan rightly called them Munafiqs (Hypocrites). Shame on them.
Jamat e Islami alliance with Anti Pakistan Sindhi Nationalists.

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