August 13, 2011

ANP terrorists burnt mohajirs alive in karachi

Terrorists belonging to Awami National Pakistan ANP burnt alive several Mohajir passengers in Karachi. ANP terrorists involved in target killings, land grabbing, extortion, drug selling and heinous crimes targeted a bus W11 famous for it's mohajir owners and passengers and after closing the doors of bus torched the bus including passengers. 17 people including women burnt alive 2 passenger scummed to their injuries. This is not enough ANP terrorists fired on Mohajir population in Nazimabad #2, Aurangabad, Gol Marker and Rizviaand throw hang grenades on Mohajir Population.
We condemn this cruel incident of burning mohajirs alive in karachi and ask government to take steps to stop ANP terrorists killings more Mohajirs in karachi otherwise people of Karachi and Mohajirs have every right to defend themselves against these ANP animals according to Islam, Pakistani law and UN charter.

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Target Killers and their Heads in Karachi Exposed