December 30, 2013

Lyari Gangwar Raped & Murdered family for its affaliation with MQM

Lyari Gangsters Militant wing of PPP headed by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari Gang Raped 3 women of a family and Murdered 5 members of the same family for their affiliation with Muttahida Qaumi Movement MQM .
These Lyari Gangsters affiliated with Uzair Baloch group which is run by PPP leader Zulfiqar Mirza is not only supported by Pakistan Peoples Party, PPP its chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari but also a criminal named as Habib Jan Baloch who is a British National.
Through this blog we ask International Human Rights Organizations, Women Rights Organizations and International Community to take notice of this horrific Gang Rape and Murder of Men Women and Children just for their affiliation with MQM.
It is also worth noting that not a single channel or Anchor and Judiciary raised this issue nor any Human Rights Organization or Political Party stage any demonstration against this brutal Rape and Murder as Victims were related to MQM.
We demand and her family.

Two ‘Lyari gangsters’ arrested for shooting dead four family members and assaulting women as punishment for returning home in their territory
M. Waqar Bhatti Tuesday, December 31, 2013
From Print Edition

Police have arrested two alleged gangsters of a Lyari-based gang for murdering a couple and their two children after raping the woman and her daughter on December 29.

On Monday, the West Zone police claimed to have arrested two suspects associated with the Rashid alias Chief gang of Lyari for killing the couple and their two children before subjecting the woman and her newly married daughter to sexual assault.

DIG West Javed Alam Odho announced the arrests of the two men named Adil Baloch and Yasin Baloch, alleging the two “gangsters” along with three more accomplices had sexually assaulted Shazia and her daughter and killed the three men. “The Rashid alias Chief gang is affiliated with the Uzair Baloch group and they attacked the family for the man’s association with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement,” Odho said.

SSP West Irfan Baloch told The News that Muzaffar Baig had been expelled from his house in Musharraf Colony a few months ago by the Lyari gangsters over his political affiliations. The man had recently returned to his residence but the police were unaware of his return although he had been facing threats from the gangsters.

“Adil and Yasin have confessed to killing the four family members and sexually assaulting the married girl and her mother, saying they were ‘punished’ for returning to their home despite being barred by them,” he said. Two .30 pistols and a grenade was found on the suspects. Three of the alleged accused are still at large.

The SSP West said police with the help of commandos were conducting operation in Musharraf Colony, Customs Colony, 500 Quarters and other surrounding areas of Naval Colony. Many more suspects have been rounded up for interrogation. The residence of Rashid alias Chief was also raided but he was not there.

Muzaffar Baig, 45, his 40-year-old wife Shazia and their sons Imran, 28, and Samad, 22, were shot dead while the 18-year-old married daughter of the couple was injured in an early morning attack in Mauripur’s Musharraf Colony.

The survivor had told the police she had come to visit her family home with her two-year-old daughter from Lyari. In the wee hours of Sunday, five men barged into the house and held the family hostage at gunpoint.

The men were all drunk and tried to rape her and her mother. When her father and brothers resisted them, the suspects started firing at the family members and killed them before fleeing. One of the victims, Imran, was an adopted son of the family.

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