April 18, 2014

Timeline: How MQM workers Extra Judicialy Murdered by police Death Squads


 This post contains graphic images of MQM workers arrested by Death Squad of Police working under direct instructions of Pakistan Peoples Party PPP and Sindh Government.

This Post has enough evidence to prove how MQM workers were arrested in Karachi and Murdered by Police Death Squads.
Through this post we appeal to Supreme Court of Pakistan, Chief of Army Staff, DG ISI and all International and Pakistani Human rights organizations to play their part in stopping Genocide of Mohajirs, MQM workers and supporters  

On 19 Dec 2013 Ummat Newspaper published a news that Javed Bunda a so called Target Killers who was granted bail by Court as the cases against him were proved to be fabricated and of political nature picked up by a Sensitive Agency from an area of Karachi called Shadman-North Karachi

On 24 Dec2013 Ummat News Paper published news of recovering 3 tortured dead bodies with their hands and legs tied and blind folded.

Next day Ummat published the news that the tortured bodies recovered from Super Highway with their hands and legs tied and blind folded identified as MQM workers one of them was Javed Bunda who was arrested on 18 Dec 2013 and news of his arrest was published by Ummat on 19 Dec 2013.

The story didn't finished yet

Speaking on the floor of Sindh Assembly, replying MQM allegations of Police Death Squads and Extra Judicial killings of MQM workers, Sharjeel Memon Information Minister of Sindh revealed that Javed Bunda was NOT extra Judicially Murdered but he was killed in encounter while he was firing on the police, The Police retaliated in self defense and killed Javed Bunda.

Our Questions to Sharjeel Memon, PPP and Sindh Government in extension to questions raised by Express TV,
  •  How Javed Bunda was firing on Police when his hands and legs were tied with rope?
  • Who gave him weapons to do firing on Police when he was arrested 5 days back?

The timeline above of Javed Bunda Extra Judicial killing with proofs from News paper known for Anti MQM propaganda and Confession of Sharjeel Memon that Javed Bunda was murdered by Police is enough to show the world Courts of Pakistan and the human rights organizations that how PPP Sindh Government is running Death Squads in Karachi to Murder MQM workers Supporters and Mohajirs.

Anyone in Pakistan willing to speak against this brutal injustice and genocide? Any Suo Moto of Supreme Court?

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