August 26, 2015

Karachi Operation: A neutral perspective

There is no denying the fact that the crime rate has come down in the last few months in Karachi. However, that does not mean that all is going well in the metropolis. Neither does it absolve the law enforcement agencies of their duties towards the citizens.
Nobody has any objections on the operation against the hardened criminals in the city. However, the way this operation has been managed certainly raises some questions, at least from my side. Being a Karachiite, I have all the right to get the answers to these questions as well.
As per the spokespersons of the law-enforcement agencies, the current operation is being conducted across the board and without any discrimination. However, I only see the law enforcers glorifying and ‘advertising’ the arrests of and raids on MQM workers and offices. The way arrest of MQM workers is glorified, it certainly gives a partisan view to the ongoing operation. It is as if the law-enforcers want to portray MQM as the sole hand behind the prevalent chaos in Karachi – which is not the case. MQM does, indeed, have rogue elements within its cadres but so do all the other political, religious and sectarian parties in the city, and even does the Army. Mehran attack was an example of this inside element within the Army. I have not seen the law-enforcers portraying the arrests of others like the way they portray and promote MQM’s.

Then there’s the controversial and most condemn-able issue of extra judicial killings. Recently the dead body of another MQM worker, Hashim was recovered. He was arrested by the personnel of a law enforcement agency in the first week of May and later his tortured body was found in the mid July near Kotri. Hashim was a father to three and was a professional photographer. Whatever the reasons for his arrest, why did the law enforcement agencies did not present him in the court with the evidences against his crimes, if any? The deceased was a harmless member of MQM’s photo section. Will we ever know why did he deserve his fate or this will be jotted down as another extra judicial murder in the annals of crime fighting? Hashim’s family has been killed with him now that there is no one to provide for them after his death. Will there be a judicial commission to investigate who is responsible for such irresponsible behaviour with regards to human life?
If these are the strategies or pressure tactics to remove the supremo of MQM, Mr. Hussain as Head of MQM, then I will definitely want to point out to the relevant authorities that it is not your job description to impose whoever you want on Karachiites. We may choose whoever we want to represent Karachi in the elections through our own will, but you trying to impose someone of your likeness will only bring gloom to the city as it did in the late 1960s.
To conclude, it would be better for every stakeholder if the law enforcers did not single MQM out and paint them as traitors of this country, which obviously they are not. Most of the forefathers of MQM workers and supporters left India for this country and that should be enough for anyone to accept them as patriots. Secondly, MQM needs to take a look back at its approach if it wants to survive this and still remain intact with its street power and vote bank.

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