January 15, 2011

Why ANP killed Wali Khan Babar of Geo?

Many people wanted to know why ANP terrorists murdered Geo News reporter Wali Khan Babar, Wali Khan Babar only crime was being a Pukhtun and to close with MQM and it's leader Haider Abbas Rizvi.
Wali Khan Babar lives in North Nazimabad Block N a strong hold of MQM with his family, ANP terrorists killed Wali Khan Babar and after killing him they started massacre of Urdu Speaking people in Karachi.
ANP who is doing politics in the name of Pukhtuns killing They kill pukhtuns who are related with MQM after that kill as many urdu speaks they can.
Here is a close friend of Wali Khan Babar describing his closeness with Haider Abbas Rizvi and MQM.

ANP was quick to blame MQM for Wali Khan Babar who was from Baluchistan but not a single leader of ANP attended his Funeral prayers in Karachi, Wali Khan Babar family allowed MQM leaders to attend his funeral shows ANP is just doing politics in the name of Wali Khan Babar for massacring Urdu Speaks in Karachi.

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