August 15, 2011

Anti Mohajir videos proof of Racism against Mohajirs in MQM name

There is a perception that people hate MQM but in reality they don't hate MQM they hate Mohajirs and as they can't curse mohajirs openly they use the name of MQM to curse them.But in the this era of technology the hate these people have for mohajirs comes on their lips and recorded to show the world how much hate they have for Mohajirs who gave everything for Pakistan.
MQM is cursed mainly because it has strengthen, united and give political voice to Mohajirs.
Here is a collection of videos in which people from Sindh , Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkha openly cursing Mohajirs. These Videos are also a proof that these racist people cursing Mohajirs not MQM. These people including Politicians, SIndhi Nationalists and so called Journalists, Now i ask Mr Majeed Nizami of Nawaiwaqt, what he says after listening these golden words from Rizwan Razi ?
You people have any shame?

Jehad calls were given against Mohajirs in Karachi and asked for Mohajir Massacre in the name of Islam and not a single so called Political and Religious leader came in front and condemn it openly. Why?

Due to this racist behaviour Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan rightly said, " Iwas made to think i am Still a Mohajir"

Now decide yourselves these people are Anti MQM or Anti Mohajirs???

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Aftab Karim said...

These anti-mohajir sentiments and practical attitude is since 1947. This is against Pak: Constitution. Why does not the Chief Justice take so-moto action? Why the Human Rights Organization are silent?

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